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Study Abroad Behavior Expectations

These programs are by nature experiential, but they are also designed to be a full academic experiences. Expect the joys of experiencing new things paired with a solid academic base.

By accepting a place in one of these programs, you agree to support the policies and procedures put into place to ensure the success of the program. This will make the program the best possible personal and academic experience. Remember there are both freedoms and limitations involved in off-campus study.

All participating students are required to be in and remain in good standing after they are accepted by a program. This means you must also maintain good academic standing. Students who violate the University’s Student Code of Conduct after they are accepted will be dismissed from the program.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and mature manner at all times. The program director or a faculty member has full authority to act on behalf of the University in any matter concerning the academic program, travel procedures, or students. Any decision to separate a student from the program because of rule violation, disruptive behavior, or conduct that discredits the program is final. Separation from the program will also result in the student not receiving academic credit for the study abroad program.


Science and Innovation in Dublin

The Science and Innovation in Dublin trip is a short-term seven-day trip for students to experience an educational opportunity overseas. View trip itinerary here.

Dublin is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking modern economies in the world. The city now serves as a central hub for the tech industry of Europe, with new companies consistently setting up shop in its Silicon Docks district. From storied history to modern science, from the cobblestone streets of Georgian squares to the smooth lacquered floors of modern tech offices, you’ll explore the intersection of old and new in Dublin.

Program Prices

  • Science and Innovation in Dublin: Click here for the price quote
  • $3,080 for students in triples and quads
  • $3,230 for adults 30 and older twin rooming

*All students have the option to upgrade to twin or single rooming. Interested students should make this upgrade upon enrolling.


Scholarship and Financial Information

Students pay the tuition and room and board fees that are charged from our partner schools and programs. Payments will be paid directly to our partner programs. The semester fee covers tuition, room and board and excursions connected with classes. Not included: books, personal spending, tips, and some meals during the program. It is recommended to bring $40-$60 of spending money per day.

A student’s transcript from the partner school and/or program cannot be released if there is a balance on a student’s account. All deposits are non-refundable. View the multiple payment options.


Parents and Families

Parents play an important role in the health and safety of participants by helping them make good decisions and influencing their behavior overseas. It is important for parents and guardians to:

  • Obtain and carefully evaluate health and safety information related to the program as provided by Florida Poly and, when necessary, from the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S State Department and other sources.
  • Be involved in the decision of your daughter and/or son to enroll in a particular program.
  • Engage your daughter and/or son in a discussion of safety and behavior issues related to the program.