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Florida Poly Robotics LogoFlorida Poly Robotics is the intersection of multiple STEM disciplines that work together to create intelligent machines.


Student teams design and develop a wide range of robots to perform in competitions throughout the United States and internationally. They include autonomous robots that work independently of a human operator and pre-programmed robots that perform tasks in a controlled setting.

Florida Poly Robotics aims to provide opportunities for students to excel, innovate, and learn robotics while providing an environment to thrive in engineering and computer science. Florida Poly Robotics was established in 2015. Currently we are focused on Combat Robotics tournaments and have many robot teams that compete locally and nationally.

Student Teams

Our students are proud to be highly motivated and involved members of the Florida Poly community. Not only do the robotics teams offer an opportunity to meet people, apply classroom concepts, explore new technology, have fun, and make a difference, they also add relevant and substantive skillsets and characteristics to their professional portfolios as they launch into meaningful careers.

Our Programs and Robotics Working Together

Florida Poly Robotics is interdisciplinary and involves a diverse group of students who come from every major, given we are 100% STEM, and who all share a passion for robotics. Students from every major bring something special and important to the team.
mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering students custom design and build the robots. They are responsible for developing designs that are creative and provide a competitive advantage over other teams.
control systems

Control Systems

Students work with the circuits of our robots while applying their knowledge of power distribution and signal processing.
engineering mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

Students have a solid understanding of mathematics, data analysis, and computer programming, which delivers a large advantage to the team.
machine intelligence

Machine Intelligence

Students apply their knowledge of advanced machine learning, reasoning, and self-correction to develop the machines’ ability to move and communicate.
computer science

Computer Science

Our computer science students could be called the brain of our robotics team because they bring their knowledge of robotic software platforms to develop how the robots move and complete actions.  
autonomous robotic systems

Autonomous Robotic Systems 

Students use their knowledge of embedded systems control, mapping algorithms, and sensor integration to work on the hardware and software of the robots.


Florida Poly Robotics is a University-sponsored team (composed of VEX U and combat) that represents Florida Poly at state, regional, national, and international competitions. Separately, but under the same umbrella, Purple Fire Robotics is the student club division of Robotics, sponsored by the Student Government Association and providing students with campus connections and a support community. Purple Fire is the training ground for all Florida Poly Robotics teams (VEX U and combat) for university competitions. They also provide resources to support internal projects, host workshops and events, and conduct outreach events to promote STEM and robotics. 
Combat Robotics Team


Our Combat division competes with robots that we design, build, and fight in competitions throughout the country. We currently have six robots, four of which fought in competitions last year, and one of which (our 250-pound robot) is still under construction. Our two 15-pound robots currently rank first in the state of Florida, among both university and hobbyist teams.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • 15lb Hyperion won first place at SBOMD Fairfights 2020
  • 15lb Themis won second place at SBOMD Fairfights 2020
  • 15lb Hyperion won second place at BattleBeach 2019




Paul Teleweck
Robotics has always been a passion for Paul Teleweck `18, who has served as a design engineer and development engineer at Quattrone and Instalist. While at Florida Poly, he interned as an embedded engineer at JL Marine Systems and served as a teaching assistant in circuit analysis.
Paul Teleweck '18
Computer Engineering
Teleweck currently works for Amazon Robotics. Originally from Cape Coral, Florida, Teleweck transferred into Florida Poly from USF.



Questions about this team or want to join? Contact Derek Lower, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation.