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Student Life

There’s More to Florida Poly than Books and Labs - Check Out the Phoenix life

With a student-centered campus environment, Florida Poly is committed to the growth, development, and achievement of students from day one. You will meet other students like you who want to make an impact and are excited to follow their passions. 
From the moment you arrive on campus you become a proud member of the future of the STEM nation, the Florida Poly mosaic celebrating reinventing traditions with each new class, that will shape our future for years to come.
All clubs and organizations are supported by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Office of Student Development.

Get Involved on Campus

Students come to Florida Poly with a passion for STEM, but their individual interests vary. 
University Teams
Florida Poly Teams proudly embrace values of leadership, collaboration, adaptability, teamwork, and innovation as students develop and excel in an activity they love. 
At Florida Poly there are over 30 student-led clubs and organizations offered.


Florida Poly Cares

We're fully committed to supporting student health and overall wellness by offering services, programs, and resources outside the classroom.
On-campus living and dining are an essential part of the University experience. They literally fuel education and growth. 
The college years are a time for change, exploration, and growth. Our health and wellness team strives to support students as they learn to cope with the stresses of college and prepare to thrive after graduation.
Physical activity is the secret ingredient behind many students’ personal and academic success. It’s been shown to have significant, measurable effects on both academic performance and mental health while improving physical fitness. 

Things to Do in Lakeland

The opportunities and amenities found in Lakeland mirror any big city but definitely have that small town feel.
Lakeland is a city of rich history and an up-and-coming future. It’s halfway between Tampa and Orlando, which makes the region’s theme parks weekend destinations. Lakeland has the gentility of a Southern city and the vibe of an urban lifestyle.
Things to Do in Lakeland

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