Office of

Health and Wellness

The college years are a time for change, exploration, and growth. Our health and wellness team strives to support students as they learn to cope with the stresses of college and prepare to thrive after graduation.

The Health and Wellness team offers a wide variety of services and programming aimed at helping students lead healthy and fulfilling lives.



CARE Services (Florida Poly's health and wellness program) can help students identify and overcome barriers that affect a student’s ability to be successful at Florida Poly. These barriers can be academically related, but they can also include mental health concerns, financial concerns, or personal concerns

I Think I Need to Talk to Someone

Every Phoenix matters. Find a kind human to listen without distraction here.

Counseling Services

The university provides free, voluntary, and confidential counseling services for Florida Poly students facing personal issues that interfere with their academic success.

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services coordinates accommodations for students with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities.

Drug-Free Campus

Florida Poly is proud to be a drug-free campus. This initiative is intended to promote a safe, productive, and drug-free work and learning environment for our faculty, staff, and students.

Food Pantry

To help support the wellbeing of our students, the Florida Poly Food Pantry is available to all students. In addition to food items, toiletries are also available at no cost.

Health Clinic

Students can stop by the Health Clinic for general medical services addressing acute conditions, minor illnesses and injuries. The clinic can also provide referrals to local health care providers and specialists as needed.