Supporting the interconnected needs of our students.

Student Basic Needs

Everyone's situation is unique. CARE Services is here to meet with Florida Poly students and connect them with resources. If you or someone you know would like to be connected with CARE Services regarding basic needs support, please fill out the Student of Concern Referral form.  


Student Basic Needs

CARE Services can provide students with options to support short-term emergency relief and long-term resources to help meet their basic needs. By educating and connecting students to campus and community resources, we give them the tools to make their own choices.


How We Help

Students who are trying to navigate the university system do not need to walk alone. CARE Services works closely with students to understand their unique circumstances and concerns to develop plans personalized to them. With education, guidance, and support, CARE Services wants students to feel empowered to navigate difficulties in life including mental health concerns, financial concerns, or personal concerns.

Prepackaged bags with non-perishable foods like “heat and eat” meals, fruit cups, and granola bars are available for students. Each bag has about two days of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. The contents of each prepacked bag of food may vary depending on what items are currently available in stock. Students who may benefit from a CARE bags are encouraged to fill out the Student of Concern Referral form to connect with CARE Services.  

Need help, but don’t know where to start?    
CARE services can help students get involved or connected on campus or within the community. Staff can help students navigate services or develop an action plan for success. CARE Services will work with students to explore on campus resources as well as a range of local, federal, and online support networks.  

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