CARE Services

CARE Services, which is part of the Office of Health and Wellness at Florida Poly, works collaboratively to help students develop themselves to guide support and services.

CARE Services

CARE Services (Florida Poly's health and wellness program) can help students identify and overcome barriers that affect a student’s ability to be successful at Florida Poly. These barriers can be academically related, but they can also include mental health concerns, financial concerns, or personal concerns.

CARE services can help students get involved or connected on campus or within the community. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the University system in order to access services or resources. Staff can help students navigate these services or develop an action plan for academic success.


Florida Polytechnic University maintains a CARE Team (Crisis-Assessment-Referral-Evaluation) that provides guidance and assistance to students who are experiencing crisis, displaying odd or unusual behaviors, or engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful (either to the student individually or to others). The CARE team accepts referrals and responds to identified concerns for a student’s health, welfare, and safety.

The CARE Team’s committee is made up of representatives from across Florida Polytechnic University’s campus including the vice provost of academic success, university police, campus wellness/CARE manager, coordinator of Title IX services, director of student development, and legal representation. Additionally, the team may also consult with Disability Services or other campus resources, as needed.



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24-hour Mobile Crisis Response Team in Lakeland


These report forms are designed to allow any University community member to fill it out and provide as much detail as possible. Each form addresses different areas.

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