Privacy Policy Information

Privacy Policy

Florida Poly prides itself in maintaining a level of privacy for individuals who choose to share information with us. Trust is important, and in order to ensure that you feel confident in voluntarily sharing information with us, we believe that you have the right to be aware of how Florida Poly handles the information that is submitted to us via our website or other online properties.

Committed to Privacy

Florida Poly prides itself in maintaining a level of privacy for individuals who choose to share information with us. Trust is important, and in order to ensure that you feel confident in voluntarily sharing information with us, we believe that you have the right to be aware of how Florida Poly handles the information that is submitted to us via our website or other online properties.

The following policy on privacy dictates how Florida Poly handles personal information gathered from our website or other properties online; we also provide resources to learn more about how to protect your personal privacy.


Privacy Notice

The following privacy policies and practices have been adopted for Florida Poly where Personal Identification Information (PII) in any type or format is created, collected, managed and/or transmitted through the website or other online property. These policies are meant to be used as a guideline and are not to be confused with a contractual legal promise. Florida Poly holds the right to change these policies at any time without notice. Because Florida Poly is an entity of the state of Florida, we are governed by all applicable privacy and public records statutes from the State of Florida and U.S. federal laws.


Site Definitions

Florida Poly’s online properties include a variety of sites with different levels of official involvement and collaboration. Please see below for more detailed information.


Official University Website

Unless otherwise stated, this privacy policy applies to any official Florida Poly website; this includes sites of individual colleges, schools, departments or any other sites specifically designated by a vice president, dean, director or department head. Typically these official sites can be recognized by a common layout, continuous header and/or footer, reference to this privacy policy or use the official logo of Florida Poly.


Unofficial Websites

Unofficial websites refer to properties online that do not share the official Florida Poly domain – – or that are not within the range of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses assigned to Florida Poly. Florida Poly has no responsibility or direct control of these websites. Some examples of these sites would include, but are not limited to, pages of faculty members or students, student organizations or other groups that are not officially a part of Florida Poly. As a University, we encourage all of these sites to follow the privacy guidelines set out here, but please see these sites’ individual privacy policies to find the policies directly associated with those sites.


The Information We Collect

Whenever you access an official site of Florida Poly, certain information is automatically collected. This information is most often technical information used to help improve a user’s experience. This information is not specific to an individual and gathered collectively rather than individually. Additionally, we also collect information that is voluntarily submitted to us through forms or other various functions on our site.


The Way We Use This Information

Florida Poly will use information that is voluntarily provided in order to better serve your needs. Unless voluntarily provided by you, the information that we receive is not tied to any personal information. If you provide us with personal information, then we may, in limited circumstances, use this to provide additional information about the University. For example, by filling out a form about financial aid, we may provide you with correspondence about scholarship information. If at any point you do not wish to receive additional resources based on the information you have provided for us, you may unsubscribe or opt out when we contact you.

Information that is gathered automatically is typically not cross-referenced with other personally identifiable information. However, in the case of a security breach or other illicit activities, this information may be forwarded to law enforcement agencies, where it may be used with other data to pinpoint the source of these illicit activities.

Because we are an entity of the State of Florida, we are compelled to abide by the Florida Public Records Laws. As a result, certain records that we maintain are subject to inspection or disclosure to members of the public.

We may permit certain third party companies, including Google, to use information gathered via cookies in order to advertise to you on sites across the Internet. These cookies monitor how a user visits our site; however this information is gathered anonymously and is not connected to other personal identifiable information. This is known as remarketing. You may opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings. For information about Advertisements of Facebook visit this page.

As mentioned above, our web properties use cookies to better assess the needs of the visitors to the site. In addition to targeted advertisements, cookies are also used to provide a tailored Internet experience. For example, if you were to click a button titled “I’m a Student,” you would then be shown student-specific content. Again, you may opt out of this cookie tracking at any time using the link provided above.


Special Note for Children and Parents

Florida Poly’s website is operated by Florida Polytechnic University and affiliated parties (see below). Typically, this website is intended for adult use, unless sections or sites are specifically labeled for use by children. Florida Poly does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. We will delete from our database any personal information that we discover from a child under the age of 13 not given to us voluntarily. For more specific information about this see the section below.

If you are a child visiting this website, we ask that you please ask your parent’s permission before giving us any information.

In order to keep children secure in today’s high-tech world, Florida Poly offers a few tips for parents regarding their child’s Internet habits. In addition to these tips, having an open conversation with your child about sharing information online can be very beneficial.

  • Walk your child through various websites and show them how these sites collect personal information, and tell them to never give personal information without a parent or responsible adult present.
  • Keep track of the sites that your child is visiting and explore these sites yourself to stay informed and to help teach your child better.
  • Read through the privacy policies of websites to see how sites treat information about your child

Public Records Notice: Providing Information Is Your Choice

You are in no way legally required to provide any information to our website. However, without certain technical information provided by your browser, our website will not work. While this lack of information will not prevent you from using our site, it will disable many of the site’s features.

Note about Email Addresses: The State of Florida Requires that we post the following notice regarding S668.6076, F.S..

Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to the University. Instead, contact the specific office or individual by phone or in writing.


Children’s Online Activities and Programs

Generally, Florida Poly’s website is not designed specifically for children; however, a certain page or site may contain information that is relevant to children (summer camp, classes, etc). While these sites may contain relevant information for children, it is intended for only adults to provide necessary information about a child for these voluntary events. If a parent or legal guardian were to sign a child up for a program, the parent or legal guardian may be asked to provide some of the following:

  • Child’s full name
  • Full home mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • School and current grade level
  • Email address
  • Parent or legal guardian email address

During the process of providing the information, the parent or legal guardian will be asked to acknowledge that they are, in fact, the parent or guardian who is legally authorized to disclose this information about the child. Florida Poly does not determine the level of engagement in an activity based on the amount of information a parent or legal guardian is willing to disclose, as long as enough information has been provided that is reasonably necessary for participation. Information gathered about children will not be disclosed, transmitted or shared with a third party and will not be used for other purposes.

Florida Poly recognizes that parents or legal guardians have the right to:

  • Review any personal information submitted to Florida Poly’s site about their child
  • Disallow the collection of additional information
  • Choose to allow the collection and use of information internally, but to not allow the disclosure of information to a third party.
  • Have any information that has been recorded to be deleted


Our Commitment to Data Security

Florida Poly is determined to keep your data secure by preventing unauthorized access, continually maintaining accuracy and promising the appropriate use of all information. We receive information across a variety of media, including print, digital, and verbal communications, and we strive to make sure necessary safeguards are in place to keep all of this data safe. The safety practices that we have in place are in line with the laws and regulations of the State of Florida as well as other federal agencies.