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Florida Poly was founded with an aim toward forging the leading edge of academic rigor, innovation, and excellence.

This is putting into practice every day from the curriculum students experience to the equipment they use.

Students gain practical knowledge throughout their educational journey with an emphasis on project-based work. Curriculum is developed in collaboration with industry representatives to ensure what students learn is what the industry needs.

Students have opportunities to participate in internships across the region and the nation, and complete a Capstone research project with local and regional companies during their senior year to help find solutions to real problems. 

Light skinned male pointing at a computer screen.
Computer science major Alec Maier explains his capstone design team’s project to create a vision-tracking system for surgical tray equipment for Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center.

Entrepreneurship at Florida Poly

We're revolutionizing the progress of innovation. Our students are encouraged to dream big, bold ideas, and connect with their peers to make it a reality. 

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We had this crazy idea to start a company. We’re going to a technology school and we want to change the world, so why not be able to put all of that under a company and just make it happen.”
Djuan Gayle
Computer Engineering, '20
Madd Technologies LLC, which stemmed from an idea friends had late one night, is a technology start-up helmed by Florida Poly students and focused on the consumer electronics and computer software markets. It provides services such as product design, website design, computer-aided design, app development, and more.

Research at Florida Poly