Student and Faculty Research

Engineered to be Extraordinary

Research at Florida Poly is improving lives and changing businesses, with impact ranging from the local Lakeland community to the outer-reaches of space. Students and professors are shaping the future with research like:

  • Creating new tools to detect radiation and protect lives
  • Discovering breakthrough methods to monitor health signals for unborn babies
  • Preparing for the future of driverless vehicles and autonomous transportation
  • Improving mental and physical health outcomes for astronauts
  • Harnessing the power of lake algae for space travel
  • Developing protections again cyber crime

Two men pointing at a screen.
Dr. Muhammad Ullah and graduate student Mohammad Ammar Bharmal (left) work on a new method that they hope will save lives through more accurate fetal and maternal electro-cardiogram signals.

Innovation Starts Here

Our students and faculty members are always up to something new and have many research opportunities through our research centers. 

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There are a bunch of research opportunities here. Everywhere you turn, it seems like every professor has research they could always use some help with. 
Taryn Jones
Engineering Masters 
One of those research opportunities enabled Jones to work on a project to create a type of vending machine with the food from the smart gardens on campus. Its purpose would be to keep the food fresh so that people who are less fortunate can get access to it.

Research at Florida Poly