Florida Polytechnic University was created through legislation as an independent university in 2012. On April 20, 2012, the Governor signed the bill into law creating the 12th public university in the State University System of Florida.

Florida Polytechnic University was created by the state in 2012 as its first and only all-STEM public university. The University’s goal: provide an excellent STEM-focused education preparing high-ability students to meet the mounting statewide demand for the high-skill professionals industry needs to succeed and continue innovating.

In April 2014, Dr. Randy K. Avent was selected by the Florida Polytechnic University Board of Trustees to be the University’s first president. Then, in August 2014, Florida Poly officially welcomed its inaugural class of 554 students which included 394 freshmen, 134 transfer students, and 26 graduate students. Ninety-seven percent of the students were Florida residents.

The University quickly began building its reputation as a remarkable provider of STEM degrees and rapidly proving its value to the state. Florida Poly aggressively achieved critical milestones, earning Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accreditation in 2017 and in 2019, the prestigious ABET accreditation, from the Computing and Engineering Accreditation Commission, the global accreditor of college and university programs in applied and natural science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology.

These accreditations showed the world that Florida Poly indeed was qualified, able, and adept at producing quality STEM graduates through its rigorous curriculum.

Today, Florida Poly is nationally ranked and recognized for its top-quality STEM education, career outcomes, and outstanding affordability. It has deliberately and exponentially grown essential aspects of the institution, including growth in student enrollment, distinguished research faculty, academic programs, industry partnerships, and campus facilities.